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"Through the Mist "




"Cafe Racer"




"Walk on By"




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"If you see a fork in the road, buy it!"

Most people view a fork as just that, a fork. Matthew Bartik has taken it one step further and improved them into art. Many of the works have become, in their own way, alive through the different forms they have taken.

There is no welding, soldering, glue, or strings attached to these art forms. Each and every piece of fork art is constructed from stainless steel forks and is shaped from the strength of Matthew's arms and hands and the tool of his trade, pliers. Matthew has used many different brands and styles of forks with different varying degrees of success and uses differences to his advantage when producing different works.

Many of the pieces that Matthew makes today were originally requests from customers and clients. Other pieces have been the brainchild of the artist himself. Matthew prides himself on the ability to create anything given enough time and enough materials. There is nothing he is not willing to try.

Matthew Bartik hails from Mariaville, a small town in upstate New York. He graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz in May of 2004 and is pursuing his ambitions of being self-reliant upon his artwork.


**When Purchasing please allow for 6-8 weeks for certain smaller pieces and longer for larger pieces. Remember this is Original Artwork!**


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